Hey there. I'm an experienced, multi-faceted creative professional in Victoria BC.
I mainly specialize in on-message video production (check out motionhouse.ca for samples and info), but having spent a good chunk of my 20+ year career in ad agencies, publishing and in broadcast tv, I also provide experience-driven process management and leadership, creative direction, art direction, design and brand strategy expertise for agencies, other creatives and brands of all sizes.

Unique is where it's at.
In a crowded marketplace it's vital a brand's messaging speak directly to it's audience - and in that audience's vernacularGiven that, a make-it-unique-to-make-it-count ethos is the guiding principal behind everything I do, whatever the medium and regardless the scale or budget.

A prompt and effective professional sloucher.
I pride myself on being an effective problem solver and a deliver-it-on-time-and-on-budget type of guy. My ability to convert identified core problems to original solutions is my strongest professional quality.
I offer competitive rates, always travel-ready, am an effective project leader, work well with creative teams and clients alike, and love developing and pushing my skills.
When not fighting bad posture at my desk, I play and record music, run and do triathlons, and dream of warm places on a near constant basis.

References, resume and additional info available on request.
Let's chat. I can help.
Thank you!